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Hello, we are Jenny & Lukas, and for us a tour of the north turned into a move to Norway.

And because there is still so much to discover even after many years of living here, we have developed an app that combines all kinds of sights and activities with places to stay for campers. So that we (and you) don't miss out on anything along the way.

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We know what it's like to want to remain spontaneous while travelling but also having fear-of-missing-out.

Most of the time we know roughly where we want to go and maybe have 1-2 specific places in mind, but planning everything is not really our thing. On our tours through the north we've let quite a few things "pass by" us, and that was kind of stupid.


Our dream: A combination of travel guide and camping app.

A few years after our move to Norway, we made this dream come true. Researching all the sights and activities and keeping them up to date is time-consuming but also makes us want to travel - so many beautiful places are calling us!

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Discover the most beautiful places in Scandinavia with your camper!

Download the app for free and find the most beautiful places in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Ready to nordcamp?

Download for free now!


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